WHAT TO EXPECT                  OUR PASTOR                  OUR PURPOSE                 OUR PROCESS                  OUR TEAM                  OUR BELIEFS

We exist to help people find and follow Jesus! That is our purpose.

And we follow these 5 priorities… Worship, Ministry, Community, Mission, Discipleship… we believe we will accomplish that goal!

So what will it look like? What effect do we hope that will have? In other words… What is our vision? COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION

So how?

Our process is simple – REAL. LOVE. NOW.

REAL – SUNDAY MORNINGS – We are working together to help every person to have a real encounter with God’s presence from the moment they arrive on the New Life Church campus.

LOVE – SMALL GROUPS – We want everyone to be in a small group so we will continually make opportunities available throughout the year to join a small group.

NOW – DREAM TEAM – God has given each of us a gift, as we all use those to serve together as one dream team… we will fulfill our purpose and we know that lives will be transformed! If you would like to find out how you can be part of that, come to our Pastor’s breakfast, let us know at connections@inewlife.church