The Life Journal

is a great “tool” for daily relationship-building with God. The suggested process incorporates Bible reading and prayer, and gives you a written record of what you learned and what you heard from God.

Life Journals can be purchased at the New Life Resource Center. You can also find the daily reading on

The SOAP Process
Begin with a prayer asking God’s blessing & for a heart-right attitude; ask God to speak to you through His Word.

Scripture passage. Read!

Observation.  What does the text say?  What draws your focus as you read? What’s important to God in this passage? What draws your focus as you read? You may want to note any questions or things you don’t understand to come back to later—possibly things that you can ask another Christian, or something to research yourself in a Bible commentary or online.

Application.  What does God want me to learn from this—about Him, relationships, life?

Prayer.  Write a prayer to God, incorporating what you learned.  Many scriptures can be prayed back to God as your prayer.

Tips for using the Life Journal:

  • Follow the reading plan— It will help you stay consistent in your devotions over time.
  • Pick a time that works best for you daily, and a place that is comfortable and distraction-free.
  • If you miss a day or two, give yourself permission to just pick up on the current day.
  • Give yourself permission to do just a few verses or a chapter or two. The main thing is consistency. Staying with the plan will help your consistency in your devotions over time.
  • Give yourself time to get into the discipline of daily devotions; in the beginning, make a commitment to try it for one or two months. Then evaluate what happened and make adjustments according to how it is working for you.
  • Find a friend or two with whom you can regularly or occasionally share your application or prayer, or with whom you can discuss questions that come up.