Baby Dedication

What is Baby Dedication?

Some Christian traditions baptize infants and confirm adult believers. Some of you may have experienced those traditions.

We opt for infant dedication which emphasizes the faith of the parent and the faith of the church, followed later by believers’ baptism which emphasizes the faith of the person being baptized.

When we dedicate infants, we are not just going through a set of motions. This is an opportunity for the bestowal of grace in the child’s life. Essentially, we are asking the Holy Spirit to fill the child in a way, that the seed God would plant in their life now, would enable them to respond to His call on their life later.

In the same way that water baptism allows a special opportunity for us to publicly participate in our decision to move towards God, Dedication allows us to make public our desire to partner with God in His moving the child in both their present and future with Him.

If you would like to have your infant or child, under the age of 5, dedicated, please click the button below for next steps.